Direct marketing mailshots

Mailshots can be a pain, not to mention expensive if you attempt to do the whole thing yourself. There’s the cost of the paper, printing, envelopes, and that’s before you’ve paid for postage and staff time to put it together. If you’re considering a mailshot but feel you have too many other priorities, we can help.

We have experience in writing and managing direct mailshots for clients so you can get on with your work knowing that your mailshot is in hand.

Surely mailshots are dead?

Although many people want to believe that paper mailshots are dead, replaced by direct email campaigns, there’s still a firm place in many companies’ marketing strategies for paper mailshots. We have access to services that mean you don’t need to manually print and fill envelopes yourself, and we can access postage costs for less than you can buy stamps yourself from Royal Mail.

Having your mailshot written and managed, and sent out to your own list, without the hassle of having to deal with paper, envelopes and postage can save you time and effort and you can still get the benefits.

Contact us to discuss what you need and how we can provide a one stop solution for your mailshots.