Manuals, user guides and help files

If you're designing a product or an app, it might have occurred to you that you'll need to provide user instructions. What may not have occurred to you is just how important this is and how it can set you apart from your competitors if you get it right. The information you provide is part of your product and can either add or remove value from your product depending on whether you get it right or not.

Not only is it a legal requirement for most products, but for electrical items and machinery, it's a safety consideration. Getting your documentation right adds to the user experience and a good user experience is always going to have a positive effect on your product and your sales.

If you're writing software or launching an app, the same is true. Although physical safety may not be affected in the case of some software, you have almost unlimited opportunities to support your software with high quality user instructions and help, often integrated into the applications themselves. So, if you need a set of help files, some HTML pages or even a native English check of your UI strings, we can help.

Contact us if you want to  discuss how to have your user guides, manuals and leaflets professionally written and published.

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