Bid tender and proposal document services

Professional bid tenders and proposals are vital for every business in making the right impression and capturing important contracts.

How many times have you:

  • prepared a bid tender or proposal at only a moment’s notice?
  • written information about your company that you’re sure you’ve written before?
  • fixed last minute inconsistencies in your proposal documents?
  • found spelling or grammar errors in your bid after you’ve submitted it?

Bid tender and proposal writing

Having your bid tenders and proposal professionally written, formatted or edited can significantly increase your chances of success. More and more bid tender processes, particularly for public contracts, require you to submit your documents electronically. Having a poorly formatted and structured document stands out when you submit the electronic file to buyers. Having it professionally structured and formatted can remove this risk, allowing you to be more confident that what you’ve submitted will stand out for the right reasons.

The answers and  proposals you provide need to be easily understood. Buyers are normally assessing many submissions and can only spend a limited amount of time on your documentation. It’s important that you get it right and that the assessor can understand your bid tender answers or proposals at the first reading. Having a professional create, edit or polish your answers will help your proposal be clear and unambiguous.

Contact us to see how we can help with your bid tender. Every proposal is different and we can discuss what help you need to meet your objectives.

Streamlining your existing bid tenders

With over 20 years’ experience in producing and managing business documentation, we can help you streamline your proposal and bid tender documentation process, leaving time for you to concentrate on the message you want to send and making sure you hit your customer’s needs rather than wasting time checking the basics.

To streamline your proposals, we’ll:

  • assess some of your previous bid tenders in strict confidence
  • identify common elements
  • construct modules of pre-written, reusable information
  • create templates that you can use as boilerplates to work from
  • proofread and edit your reusable content.

If you already have a proposal that you’d like proofread or edited, we can help there too.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help.